Trade-In or Sell

Topline Auto Group is excited to pay top-dollar for your trade in vehicle to get you on the road with one of our vehicles. At Topline Auto of Seattle, we will help you evaluate your Trade-In and we make the process easier than ever. Find out how our dealership can give you the best deals on your trade in so you can drive away with any vehicle of our massive available inventory.

Why Trade In Your Vehicle?

Having a vehicle in trade gives you a lot of advantages. We will make transactions quick and easy process. When trading in at a dealership, you only have to deal with one person instead of considering several if selling privately. Trading in a value can also reduce the purchase price on a new car if using as a down payment. Alternatively, you can reduce the initial down payment by using the value of your trade in and getting a tax credit on top of that.

Our Process

At Topline Auto Group, there is a lot that goes in to valuing your trade in, and to give you the top value of your vehicle we look at several different aspects before appraising your Car, Truck, Suv or Van.

  • Appearance: Appearance of your vehicle can significantly affect the outcome of its overall value. We look at the amount of exterior rust, any notable dents or scratches, condition of the paint, headlights, windows, and even the condition of the tires.
  • Mechanical Condition: Assessing the working condition of the components of your vehicle is also important. If there are any mechanical issues, they should be minor and easily fixable. This includes elements such as your engine, transmission, brakes, and more.

We also consider additional aspects aside from the condition of your vehicle when considering your trade in. We submit a request for a vehicle report based off of the year and model of your vehicle, which can tell us more about the market demand and local supply of your vehicle. We also take the history of your vehicle into consideration.

Valuing Your Trade In Is Easier Than Ever

At Topline Auto Group, we make the trade-in process as simple as possible. On our website, you can value your trade-in just by entering the make and model of your vehicle. Note its overall condition, and when the time comes make sure your vehicle is ready to be visually and mechanically assessed to further determine its value.